Intro Definition Discovery Opportunity Concept Implement
Opportunity – The discovery stage of this project revealed the essential emotive (1st and 2nd image) and technical success criteria that would guide the concept development and prototyping stages. From insights in the Discovery phase arose requirements, such as the one motion folding bike, folding within the bicycle’s own space, disguising & functioning as luggage, keeping the user clean, companionship between user and machine and many more. This was interpreted into a Design Brief.

In order to dive deeply into the project’s mindset, I set off to create two ‘success scenarios’ which interpret the design criteria into a compelling short story that explores every step that the user takes during their interaction with the future product. This helps imagine and visualize different solutions. Moreover, by letting my peers read these ‘success scenarios’, I was able to see what they envisioned for this product. This was a very powerful ideation and verification tool.
(Above) Emotive trigger samples
(Below) Design Brief sample, with emotive criteria on left and technical criteria on right
Success criteria:
Success scenario sample: