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ToTo Companion Bicycle is a collapsible commuter bicycle for casual, leisure and commuting bike users that works year-round and integrates with Toronto’s transit system.
Designed primarily for women, TOTO’s unusual set of ‘desired experience’ criteria lead to an unusual set of design decisions. Acting as a link between public and private transportation. It integrates between the user’s home, the transit system and the user’s work place, folding from a bicycle into rolling luggage. The bike will fit a lunch box, a water bottle, rain gear, and anything else special to the user.
It’s bodywork replaces mechanics with elegant, feminine forms that a user can wear with passion and pride. While stylish, the bodywork keeps the rider cleaner as it collects less dirt, and is easier to clean.

With a compactly folded bike, the owner can take it to the office and doesn’t have to worry about leaving it outside. When lunch time comes around, they can decide to be spontaneous and TOTO over to that new sushi place that opened ten blocks away.
Ease and speed of folding is TOTO’s primary focus. Folding within its own space is another ‘desired experience’ criteria. For this reason, TOTO is built to fold in under five seconds, with a push of a single button. It is one of the easiest folding bicycles in existence.

Scale model of body panels that will fully hide the frame (above)