Cervelo P5 - I was the lead designer on the P5 project. All the way from CFD and wind tunnel testing, through to the product design of the bicycle all the way to graphics, I was the most involved team member of the P5 project.

This project was entirely driven by aerodynamics. The main challenge was to create an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use product while being heavily restricted by the aerodynamics criteria.

At the end of the day, the P5 has become recognized as one of the most versatile and easy to service Time-Trial and Triathlon bicycles of its time, while beating its competition out of the water, in terms of aerodynamics!

More about the P5

P5 Cervelo Mark Remennik
P5 wind tunnel
p5 spoiler sketch
P5 wing design Mark Remennik
P5 graphic ideation
P5 HT Cervelo
P5 Hesjedal Giro D'Italia